Eerie Statue Druid

I have been messing around with Eerie Statue for a while now and finally came up with a semi-reliable Druid deck. 

2x Innervate

1x Living Roots

2x Zombie Chow

2x Darnassus Aspirant

1x Wrath

2x Ancient Watcher

2x Sunfury Protector

1x Ogre Brute

2x Savage Roar

2x Swipe

2x Keeper of the Grove

2x Eerie Statue

2x Wailing Soul

2x Druid of the Claw

1x Fel Reaver

1x Force of Nature

2x Ancient of Lore

1x Dr. Boom


It's super fun and seems to catch everyone by surprise.  I would love to see Day[9] play this on a decktacular sometime.