Critique on Hunter deck

I was playing around with some Hunter decks and tried to build one based on the new unleash the hounds with scavenging hyena. I haven't played many games with this deck but I feel like it worked quite well. I would love any criticism and improvements, i'm quite low leveled and have ok cards but not too much that's special. I don't think that I am that good at deck construction but It's hard to tell, I think there is something good in this deck but it seems undeveloped. Please feel free to suggest improvements and I don't mind if you say the deck needs a lot of work, my main goal is to learn, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy :)

1x Hunter's mark

1x Arcane shot

1x flare

2x tracking

1x Stonetusk boar

2x timber wolf

1x explosive trap

2x bloodfen raptor

1x ironbeak owl

2x scavenging hyena

2x starving buzzard

2x animal companion

1x deadly shot

2x kill command

1x ironfur grizzly

1x multi-shot

2x unleash the hounds

2x houndmaster

1x explosive shot

1x tundra rhino

1x the beast