[H] How does Bomber tvz deal with early game pressure?

  (Edited: )

How do you fight off a one base all in roach rush from Zerg with Bomber's build? I mean you have 4 marines and they have like 7 roaches at like 5 minutes. They just knock down my wall and kill the marines. If it isn't roaches it's baneling busts. Or they 5 pool before I have the wall up. I've only gotten to late game once but that time they parked in my 3rd base so I couldn't expand. So I was trying to do a 3 base all in with 2 bases. :D I'm just getting frustrated. Maybe If I pulled all my workers to fight the baneling/roaches so my marines could live longer. :/ Maybe Day[9] could show some examples of Bomber's build failing so we could learn how bomber would deal with early game aggressive zergs with 4 marines.

BTW I'm bronze league. I used to be Silver. But then I stopped playing for about a year.