3 Things

First off I would like to applaud those of you who made this website what it is today, in that it is extremely well done, and the issues I'm reporting are somewhat more minor things, but they are things that I thought you would like to know, just because they are things that I (and maybe some others) think could be improved. But before we get to that, here are the specs for what I'm using:

Browser: Chrome

Computer: HP Laptop

Email: Gmail

Now for the three issues that I am having (in no particular order):

1) Receiving Multiple Notifications For Dailies

As a new Day[9] fan I have just recently applied to receive notifications via email about when Day[9] goes live thinking that it'd be great to know when it is that he would be casting; however, I have become slightly annoyed at one little fact: I receive multiple emails notifying that a daily is going live. I realise that the reason for this is (probably) that I am receiving notifications for each individual segment of the daily. While this may be nice for some, I, myself, do not like it. It can clutter up my inbox some, and is just overall annoying. And, so that you can better understand what I'm referring to, the picture below is one of my message inbox (with personal messages censored out) that has 5 messages for just 2 different shows. I, personally think this is a little much, but it's just something for you to consider.

2) "Site powered by..." Covers up content

I think that the easiest way to explain it would be to just show a picture so there is one below. Also, I have managed to have this occur twice once is by going to my profile, and then clicking on all users on the left, and the second is by clicking update profile on my profile page. Both of these methods cause the footer to overlap some with content of the page (I have only provided one picture for the sake of space, but if you wish to see both I can provide them both).

3) The check box next to the search bar in forums

First: I do understand that you can simply scroll your mouse over the box to learn what it does, but when your mouse is not over it, it seems extremely out of place, and really weird. I know that when I first saw it I had no idea what it was supposed to be, and it took me a couple of minutes to learn that you can scroll over the check box to learn what it does, and even now I get a little confused each time I look at it. Maybe you might like to add a "advanced search" option instead or just more clearly label the box, or maybe I'm the only one that has any problems with it. Idk, but I thought you'd like to know my opinion on it. (And for clarity's sake here is a picture)

Anyways, that is all that I have, and once again: Thank you for providing us Day[9] fans with such a wonderfully created website.