Can you

explain some more about when you should or shouldn't use this build? Typically, NaNiWa would go for 1 gate expand to early zealot/mamacore pressure to harrass the Zerg player; however, for some reason he chose to go for the immortal all in in this game. Is it because he saw TLO stay on two bases and wanted to account for early roaches, or for some other reason? Also, do you think this would be as effective against a 3 basing Zerg (asking because NaNiWa didn't use this build vs a 3 base zerg)? And lastly, on different maps instead of walling off with two gates and delaying the forge, would it be better to just start walling off with the forge on time and get a gate, or is there some disadvantage to that? Thanks ^^ (I'm only in gold, so sorry if noobish questions :P)