I would

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be completely up for this (I'm assuming you mean the one from June 28-30). I live in Louisville, KY so I would be on the way-ish (especially if you're going towards St. Louis). I would, being 18, have to make sure that my parents wouldn't completely die if I did this, and that they don't have anything planned (currently there is nothing on MY calendar). However, assuming that all works out, I would definitely be up for this. I'd be willing to split  gas costs or drive people there (and a hotel since it appears to be in California), and if anyone knows where to buy tickets for it, that'd be great too :3 However, I don't actually have a steady source of income, so cost is a big factor too. Let me know how much you think it'll cost to go there, and I'll let you know if I can make it.

Hope this happens,