Latest vs. Category Default (+ some others)

  (Edited: )

It seems as though the default view for the forums has switched to being the latest topics instead of being by category. I don't think I really like this as it makes the forums seem less organized. I, personally, think that having the default be by category was good as it made the posts, organized, and they were organized by latest within the category. Also, I know that I don't really look much at the Starcraft 2 Strategy or Other Games categories when browsing the forums as I don't have much interest in those, and by having the default be Latest, it makes it annoying to either try and separate them myself, or have to reload into category view (I know. I'm lazy.). I realize that people have different opinions on this matter, so maybe make it a customization feature that each person can decide which is default and which is not?

Secondly, I really like what you have done with the tags in the posts (making them blue squares in creation). Great addition :D

Thirdly, I think it would be nice to include a poster's/commenter's forum status (i.e. Admin, Mod, Member) in their post/comment and/or on their profile page. (unless I missed something and they already are there O.O)

Finally, and least importantly, it might be interesting to have a person's profile picture be put in the OP somewhere (but probably not the comments).

Anyways, those are just my thoughts on things. Thanks for all your hard work :D