Quadruple helix DNA

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This really has absolutely nothing to do with gaming at all, but I know there are some very sciency people on this site, so I thought I'd just leave this here as I found it interesting.

I saw this really neat article lately (by that I mean about 2 minutes ago) that described how scientists have discovered that 4-stranded DNA exists in human cells. As an overview of the article, after discovering this 4-stranded DNA does occur naturally, the discovered that this special DNA is connected to growth and fast cell division, and is overly present in cancerous cells. This means that they have a new way to attempt to target and/or cure cancer. Anyways, that was a very brief and undetailed summary of the article.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-01-quadruple-helix-dna-human-cells.html#jCp

Thoughts anybody?