I too have hit this point (even though I'm only in gold), where it feels like I can't play the game fast enough or well enough to be able to do what I want. I barely ever play the game any more (I think my last game was over 2 months ago) and instead I just spend my time playing League of Legends (which I can seem to keep up in) and only watching SC2 tourneys, and the dailies, where I can enjoy the strategies involved and the amazing speed and ability of the players playing. Another thing you can possibly do is try to cast tourneys. I know many casters aren't actually too overly good at the game. For example take TotalBiscuit; he's like gold or below (I believe), but is a fantastic caster. I know there at least used to be a Prodigy Cup (facebook) around that was looking for casters if you'd want to do that. But remember to have fun in whatever you decide to do!