"Commercial games for academic literacy" - games that help us learn to

Just read a great blog from the MIT Game Lab that discusses recognizing the potential for commercial/popular games to help us learn how to learn.  I think most StarCraft 2 players have at one point began to approach issues with the same mindset they've used to analyze strategies in the game.  Recognizing how popular games teach players (or DON'T teach players) as a part of the game play experience is an exciting prospect for both education and game design!  


"It’s no secret that video games have a long history with education. Some of the oldest educational video games have been around for decades. While we spend a lot of time and effort developing educational games, we should be discussing the potential of commercial games to foster academic literacy and successful learning strategies. I am positing a new way of looking at games for education. This involves stepping away from the classic dichotomy of ‘serious’ learning games versus commercial games and instead looking at how games affect their players and what we can glean simply from playing. Games, both digital and non-digital, open up a space for people to explore, strategize, and learn. They offer new perspectives on old subjects and allow players to break into difficult subjects with ease."

Are there any games you guys think have helped you learn how to learn?  I think esports titles are actually really relevant in this area.