Crowdfunded games - developer and player perspectives

I wanted to connect with more people who were interested in crowdfunded games since I managed to successfully fund a game through Kickstarter (SC2VN).  My team's game is mainly a passion project so I'm not running a studios, but I wanted to know what other people's experiences were from both a backer and developer perspective.   Whether your game is a small passion project or a huge upcoming title, I'd love for you to weigh in.  I was just thinking about getting a general discussion started but I'll try to field a few questions to get the conversation going.

To developers:

Have you ever crowdfunded a game? If so, how were your experiences in campaigning, promoting, and interacting with the community?

Was it any different from any method you've used to produce a game before?

Are you crowdfunding a game right now? Plug it!

To backers:

What's the best experience you've had when backing a game?  Cool rewards, great interaction with devs, great product, etc...

Do you often browse crowdfunding websites just to see what interesting games are looking to be backed?