SC2VN - StarCraft 2 Progaming Visual Novel

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The full length version will need your help to complete! Support us on Kickstarter to ensure the final game is a top-notch experience! Try our demo below. 

Download (pre-alpha demo):
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About SC2VN
SC2VN is an interactive visual novel about a foreigner player trying to break into the StarCraft 2 progaming scene in a fictional South Korea. The novel revolves around the trials around trying to break out in Korea and the issues of leaving everything behind in order to become a progamer. 

We drew from events and characters that are familiar to ourselves and the player audience, though their depictions are entirely works of fiction and parody and are not meant to accurate in the slightest. This game is SFW and contains no nudity, though some harsh language. 

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The game is a Visual Novel, which is an interactive storytelling game where the player reads through the experience of the character and makes decisions that can affect the outcome of the game. Currently, the game is still a demo and thus more linear than traditional visual novels that have multiple endings. The demo is still a proof of concept. 

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Click through each scene to advance the story line, and help the main character best his opponents on the ladder by helping him make in-game decision that may decide his progaming career. 

Q: Why is this game so short?
A: This build was meant to be a demo to be released to the community to gather feedback and see how engaging the current storyline can be. Everything is up for change.

Q: When is the full game going to come out?
A: We don't know. We have ideas of what a full fledged game would look like, but are still gathering feedback.

A: In a future version of the game, the characters may interact with progamers from other esports titles. For now, it is just purely focused on the SC2 scene. 

Q: Where is the dating?
A: This is still an early build, and a focus on dating and romance wasn't something meant to be conveyed. In the full game, there are plans to have routes that are not only romance based, but also career based - what team house do you want to join? What tournaments do you participate in? Who are your practice partners? We're open to romance options in a complete game as well.

Q: Where can we leave feedback?
A: Tweet @ us (twitter handles below) with what you thought about the game and what you would like to see in the future. Constructive criticism is welcome. Feel free to leave a post in this thread as well. 

About Team 11:11
SC2VN began as an idea when I contacted Vogue (known for his witty SC2 videos) after I saw his SC2 Dating Sim parody videoand seeing how well it was written. What seemed like a funny joke turned into a motivated project to try and create a game that could be legitimately be based on the experiences of aspiring progamers in esports, and to also make an awesome game. 

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The team behind SC2VN:

Vogue : Writing and game development
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shindigs: game development
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hikariix - art 
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Special thanks to:Carlton Beener (@carltonbeener) - Code A photo
Zircon5 (@virgillevinger) - music for the game