StarCraft and Day[9]tv can help make you a better learner

Today, a research report that I have been contributing to for the past ~2 years has finally been published online. Titled "Crafting The Metagame: Crafting the Metagame: Connected Learning in the Starcraft II Community", this report discusses the StarCraft community in the framework of Connected Learning, which outlines a new perspective of how people learn in the 21st century by being connected through communities online, at school, and at home. 

The study was done through 2011-2012 so some things have changed since then. Still, the ecosystem of live streams, tournaments, coaches, and pro-players still hold true. The report features interviews with SC2 community members such as Day[9], Waxangel, Superouman, Sixen, and more. It also features a section on the development team at Blizzard. 

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Download the PDF report

Here's a preview of the report:
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Earlier this month, the team also released another public report specifically detailing Day[9]tv and its contributions to educating the StarCraft community. The Daily's focus on being "a better gamer" and focus on learning through StarCraft has piqued the interested of researchers who look toward games as a platform to inspire learning. 

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Read the Day[9]tv report

It's been a huge privilege to work with an amazing team of researchers who helped me combine my passion for esports and research into something that will help others see the value of being member of an amazing community. Hope you all enjoy it!