Starcraft II basics for arabs

Hi Guys; I am Ali from Egypt. I have been playing starcraft for some time now and the game is not that popular in Egypt on account of it being a bit complicated and the language barrier can be a bit unhelpful. So as part of trying to promote the game I will be trying to bring the community to arabs players. I am not that great of a player but I will be doing some vids on youtube explaining the basics (like mechanics, scv productions and infrastructure) of Starcraft to arabs in a way the can understand it using what I learned from guys like Day 9, apollo, Yume and filter. This is the link to my channel:

If you are an arab or know an arab who wants to learn the basics in arabic visit my channel. If you r a veteran arab please visit my channel and give me some feedback. If you like my vids pleasse show your support by liking and subscribing. Thanks.