New "Funday Monday" Idea

Hello all! I am a new convert to the day[9] world. I recently acquired SC2 and have been looking for info on how to improve my game. I happened to stumble upon some Newbie Tuesday episodes on YouTube, and HALLELUJAH I AM SAVED!

Ok, not really. I'm still ranked 30th in Bronze League, but I've only played like 20 games total, so whatever.

Regardless, I was trying to get myself current on the day[9] casts and noticed that my favorite segment ("Funday Monday") had taken a hiatus.

Now, fortunately for me, I have about 70 other archived episodes to watch, but unfortunately for me, I was hoping to get in on the Funday Monday fun and try it out realtime. Maybe even send in a replay, if I could win a game...but, alas. 'Twas not to be (yet, anyway).

So I had a thought. In order to get in on this fun thing, and to tide us over until another Funday Monday comes around, I thought maybe we could do a "Funday Monday" contest or something where we see how many games it takes people to make it through all 75-or-so Funday Monday Challenges... Or some mutation of that idea. What do y'all think?