Amnesia: The Things in the Night

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You wake up on a rainy night to a bang on the door and thunder. You get up to see a letter in a puddle of water next to the door it's from your brother telling you that you need to come home... that dad has found something of much power and he has gone mad in science. He goes on saying that he read some of dad's notes saying he has found a way to live for ever and to bring the dead back to life to do his bidding. I fear for my life and mother's...

The rest of the letter is too wet to read. You must travel to the village of Chupa and get in your dad's castle there and find out what's going on.

A mod made game inspired by Amnesia, it's a very interesting and unique custom story. It has a 9.4 rating and it is amazing, and dare I say, scarier than 'The Dark Decent'? Oh yes I do. Seeing as Sean has already played the other two, it would be amazing to see him try this one out!! Especially now he's doing fun-night Fridays. Thoughts?