"Indie"/Arcade Game Developer & Tournament


I have watched many of your videos and find my favorite ones at the moment are your playthroughs.  Anti-chamber, The Last of Us, and ESPECIALLY Half Life 2 in particular have just made my day every day I could watch the next part.  XD

Near the end of the Hearthstone segment after Half Life 2, you mentioned wanting to get in contact with indie game developers and I wondered if that applied to SC2 arcade games as well.  I'm not the developer, but I am in contact with the developer of Kobold Tribes.  I am one of his main beta-testers for the game and am organizing a Kobold Tribes tournament as you can see here.

It would be great to get in contact with you to see if your needs and ours might align.  You should have my email since I am registered on your site, so if you would like to shoot me an email, we can see where to go from there.  =}

Can't wait to see what you are going to play through today.  XD

-StacKT Gaming