EU Platinum Protoss

Name: Axillia (EU)
B.netID: Axilla#2850
League: Platinum
Race: Protoss

I've been going up a league every season so far and so my learning curve is steep. I got promoted to plat this season after getting placed in gold. I just want a practice partner of high plat or mid diamond standard to help me get to diamond. I've not played too much in plat so I have still got a bonus pool.
I also have HotS Beta access so someone with that as well is even better! My aims are Diamond before HotS comes out and then hopefully diamond or higher in HotS as well.

As a side not I do enjoy 2v2 so that is very much on the cards as well.

VERY willing to help silver and gold players as well, if you want me to impart some of my fast earned wisdom onto you?

I'm studying physics at Swansea University and am in my first year. Played WoW for a LOOONNGG time before finally getting SC2 about a year ago now.