Help me help Day9's with his Pally Giants deck

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Hey guys, this is my first interaction as a DayKnight.  I've been watching his SC stuff for forever but just never signed up because I still suck at SC2 XD.

Anyhoo, Day9, your recent pally giant deck was kind of a dud...obviously.  You probably made it just for fun anyway, but I think there is a way for pally to work with some of the giants.  Here's a deck idea I've been running ever since you originally showed us Crusher's late game Pally Control deck.  When I was messing around with that deck, I realized that its biggest problem wasn't so much being slow, but not having enough big threats.  Against mages, shammies, priests, rogues, and...pretty much everyone else, the moment I would drop something big it would get sheeped, sapped, hexed, etc immediately.  The deck was good at surviving the early turns but the power cards were always so late that they almost 100% of the time had a cheap answer for it.  I decided that deck needed a few 'throw away' baddies to eat those easy removal spells and then do some serious dmg with the rest of the stuff.  So, I came up with this giant deck that crosses the Crusher deck with...Handlockishness.

Big Threats:

2x Molten Giant

2x Mountain Giant

1x Ragnaros

1x Tirion

2x Guardian of Ancient Kings

1x Lay on Hands

1x Faceless Manipulator


2x Equality

2x Wild Pyro

2x Consecration

2x Truesilver Champion

2x Hammer of Wrath

2x Aldor Peacekeeper

1x Big Game Huntard

1x Deathlord (for zoo)

2x Sludge Belcher

2x Avenging Arrows


2x Earthen Ring Farseer

How it works:

Like the Crusher deck, this one is very conservative early game.  For the first 3 to 5 turns all you do maximize use of your hero ability, with Hammer of Wrath or Truesilver as backup and stock up cards to drop a fattie Mountain Giant.  It doesn't come out as early as Handlock's first giant, but I feel this deck has many more ways to deal with big threats than Handlock or even Warrior Control, so the 1 turn delay is usually not an issue.  Once your opponent burns a removal on that first Giant you are home free.  Tirion is stupid hard to get rid of if they've already wasted a hex or two beforehand on early giants, especially when you Faceless him.  Also, the obvious fun of a double Molten + Lay on Hands when you're low just makes me happy :D.

The 'pronto taunto' cards are, of course, for dealing with early pressure.  I feel that they are more reliable than Sunfury Protector in that you do not need other targets on the board to get value, but that the giants usually just get swiftly removed anyway, with or without taunt.  And, against Zoo, this deck has a lot of sweep and control so you can normally handle that without relying on a double giant taunt or something.  Obviously, zoo and huntard are tough matches for this deck, so always mull for a consecrate.

Earthen Ring Farseer is pretty old school, but it is still a rock solid choice.  I don't have Muster for Battle, unfortunately, so I haven't tried it out, but I think that could be a good substitute if Farseer doesn't do it for you.

As far as Holy Wrath goes, its just too inconsistent to be played, I think.  Getting a 20 dmg hit would be nice, but, srsly, what are the chances of that happening? In order to be simply okay, the card has to do a minimum of 5 dmg or else its just a more expensive Hammer of Wrath.  In this deck, it has about a 50/50 chance of doing 5 or more dmg, but there's never a guarantee it will even kill what you need it too, or even that it wont freakishly overkill something either (it just sucks to hit that 20 dmg on a giant when you could have hit the face for the win).

Lastly, card draw like Coldlight isn't necessary at all for this deck to work.  Its counter intuitive since handlock utilizes its extra draw to get faster giants, but since this deck is pretty quiet in the early stages, those cards will naturally just add up (again, this is just something I noticed play testing the Crusher deck).  I realize that Day9 included Coldlight mostly because of synergy with both Clockwork and Mountain giants, but, meh, handing more cards to your opponent is just always bad, unless your objective is to mill them.  Clockwork and Sea Giants are just some of those gambit cards that helps hedge against opponents with lots of cards in hand or board presence, but they rely too heavily on something you have limited control of.  Mountain giants, on the other hand, are completely easy to manage.  This deck I guess trades the extra Giants for Tirion and stuff, especially since Sea Giant just doesn't 'synergize' with all the board clear.

Unfortunately, as many of you may have noticed, there's no Dr. Boom, Ysera, Sylvannas, etc etc etc in here.  I simply don't have them :'(.  But I'm pretty sure they'd be siiiick!

Please let me know what you think peeps! :D I'm always looking for tips since this is by far my favorite deck.  Wins with this deck feel insanely epic, so I'd like to make it win even moar lol.  And I want Day9 to know that Giants in pally decks just might work!