The 9 Day[9]'s of Naxxramas

  (Edited: )

Hi, my name is T2Darlantan and have made YouTube videos for over 8 years. I have just finished editing the most complicated video I have ever made and I call it "The 9 Day[9]'s of Naxxramas". I took clips from all of the Day9 Decktaculars from the Naxxramas wings this summer and spent a couple of months pulling funny clips and layered them on top of each other in a 3 x 3 grid and the last 2 weeks I spent putting all of those clips together into a cohesive narrative that makes sense and adjusting audio levels so you can hear the funny parts through all the background sound.

For anyone who is a Day[9] fan, I dare say this may be one of the funniest videos you have ever seen. GET HYPED!