Beastly Druid Deck

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This is an early draft of a Druid deck I have put together to take advantage of the beast-based synergies introduced in TGT. Feel free to play about with it and adapt it to suit your card library and playstyle,

I started off with the cards I really wanted to play with from the new set, namely the "Knight of the Wild", "Wildwalker" and "Savage Combatant" to start off the deck's synergy as well as two copies of "Living Roots" because, you know, saplings.

The "Druid of the..." cards were next to go in the deck since all of their transformations count as Beasts and would help increase the value of the other cards. "Druid of the Saber" can be played as a 3-2 stealth for 2 mana, while "Druid of the Claw" can provide some nice charge damage or can be a bulky taunter depending on what is needed when it is played. "Druid of the Fang" gives the deck a lot of additional firepower as the deck reaches 5+ mana.

As well as the previously mentioned "Living Roots", my removal suite started off with the standard "Wrath", "Swipe" and "Starfall" that you would expect to see in a Druid deck. I soon added in two copies each of "Claw" and "Bite" as they give the extra removal that I felt the deck needed as well as allowing your hero to hit for 9 damage when used alongside your hero power if you have "Savage Combatant" out, sometimes netting surprise kills.

Feeling that the deck needed one or two low-cost cards to finish it off, I added two copies of "Power of the Wild" intending on buffing my creatures, but quickly found that using it as a 2 mana panther can really help the deck get off to a good start if it is drawn early on. After removing "Healing Touch" (as I felt it wasn't quite working with what I wanted to do), I tried to add a few Beasts ("Ironfur Grizzly" and "Silverback Patriarch") to the now vacant 3-mana slot before finally settling on two copies of "Jungle Panther". Despite only having 2 health this card will usually survive until the next turn due to its stealth, which can combo nicely with "Wildwalker" next turn to give you a 4-4 and a 4-5.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of other cards to play around with so my version of the deck lacks a little when it comes to late-game firepower, but hopefully you guys will be able to fix this for yourselves and have as much fun playing with the deck as I do.


Anyways, glhf.