Aviana + Kun OTK Druid! 

  (Edited: )

There are currently 2 versions I am using at the moment. One relies on C'Thun and is wildly inconsistent, but hilarious. The other uses Malygos, Alexstrasza and Starfire to kill them in one.

C'Thun based deck: http://puu.sh/sGIm4/38294854ba.jpg

The goal is to play Aviana, then Kun for mana, then drop Brann, C'Thun, Brewmaster, C'Thun, Brewmaster, C'Thun for all the damage (72 Actually but thats 99% of the time lethal).

Malygos version: http://puu.sh/sGNOy/1ce7ed6961.jpg

As soon as you have Starfire, Alexstrasza, Avianna, Malygos, Kun and Faceless in your hand, and you are at 10 mana you win vs anyone who doesn't have armor. If they do, you can moonfire, or just kill them later.