Attempting every funday monday challenge!

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~Funday Monday Challege~


Hello! As the title suggests, I’m going to try and do every Funday Monday Day[9] ever organized. I plan on attempting each one once, and posting them blog style on this post. I counted ~110 Funday Monday challenges in total (my quickly made list of the Funday Mondays). However, some of the Funday Monday's are team games or challenges for Day[9] etc. so I won't be doing every single one.There are still a lot of challenges to do though!


Before we get into that however, let me explain my situation and why I have excuses not to win a single one of these.

Back in HotS I was diamond terran. Once LotV came around I played for the first two seasons in platinum. For the past couple months I haven’t played at all because of schoolwork and such, but whenever I was studying I’d have a Funday Monday video playing in the background. Anyway, I’m getting into this after not playing for months and will be real rusty. That being said, let’s jump right into (see what I did there) the Funday Monday challenges!


            Challenge one: No queens!


The archive video of the daily

This is Day[9]'s first Funday monday, recorded on September 20th, 2010. It's pretty neat to see how different Day[9] is now than he was six years ago. His eccentricity and bejujularness are just as contagious as they were then, but like he said in some daily I was watching before, no one is ever the same person as they were five years ago.

Anyway, the people that were shown in the Daily did some pretty crazy stuff, most of which had to do with spine crawlers. I was originally thinking of doing some sort of quick-lair-into-spine-crawler-rush-with-barfing-overlord strat, but then I realized through a couple of bot games that, with the LotV economy, that kind of rush comes way too late. So my new strat going into the game was, to make up for the lack of larva, mass expand and pray. 


The no queens attempt

To be honest, I'm very embarrassed of this replay. I knew I would be rusty going into this, but it was pretty damn awful. This picture pretty much wraps up the entire game. Basically the quick triple expand worked out well and I was getting a roach push ready until I found out he was sky-tossing hardcore. The next ten minutes are just me freaking out, harassing with various degrees of sucess, and eventually just throwing barely upgraged hydras into a huge carrier void ray force cloaked by a mothership. Pretty brutal. That leaves me starting off 0-1.


So I know I said I'd only make one attempt, but that last try was pretty pathetic. So I thought I'd try again. 

Behold, Attempt number two

Not as pathetic, but still pretty bad. I really fell apart when he started getting out muta's before I did. I was doing pretty ok before then though. No queens isn't impossible. Still, no victory, my record for challenges won to challenges lost is still 0-1



            CHALLENGE Two: Carrier rush!

The archive video of the daily

As the first challenge was for the zergy folk, the second Funday Monday challenge was aimed towards the protoss among us. The challenge was to carrier rush, specifically to build a carrier before you place your first expansion. This challenge isn't as hard as the last one, and I had a pretty ok strat going into it (the strat even worked against bots :D). The strat is to do a one base proxy stargate and then back it up with a three gate push (maybe even building a fourth gate next to a proxy pylon) and then attack at around the five minute mark.


The carrier rush attempt


The plan was so close to working perfectly. SO CLOSE! Of course, this had to happen, and the carrier didn't finish. So I had a fleet bacon with no stargate, which I thought was funny. In fact, I spent a bit too much time laughing at that instead of stopping the incoming zerg attacks. Also, forgetting the exact rules of the challenge, I technically did expand before finishing my first carrier, so I didn't fulfil the challenge T______T. I did, however, get out a couple carriers and held my own for a little bit. It was pretty close, up until the point when it wasn't. In the end, the carriers couldn't beat mass hydra, leaving me at 0-2 in terms of challenges won. 

            CHALLENGE Three: No marines, marauders, Tanks!

The archive video of the daily

This is a pretty rough challenge. Nonetheless, I was pretty pumped for this one, since this one is terran, my home turf. I won't make any silly micro mistakes on this one. Besides, this challenge was pretty hard in WoL, but in LotV terran has a lot more early game options. I was expecting this to be an easy one, so much so I did no planning of my build whatsoever and just jumped into the game. 

The no MMT attempt

The thing is, I was so excited for this challenge that I didn't even think of what I was going to build. At around one minute I realised that a proxy reaper strat would have been great, but I realised that about a minute to late (My face during this entire game is the face Day[9] is making in the latter picture above). So what I went for was some mass reaper/hellion/mine mix that took way more gas than I had. I almost got away with it too, since the guy expanded pretty late and I hardcore stealthed a banshee past his viking (seriously, check out 6:30-7:00, I barely saw the viking with the watchtower and moved the banshee out of the way just in time). Nonetheless, the banshee did less damage than I hoped for and I mismicro'd the final confrontation hardcore, leaving me an unhappy bunny, and a bunny that's going 0-3 in the Funday Monday challenge. 


*Side-note, all of the people I have played have been plat, which has made coming back into SC2 pretty rough after a couple months, lol*


            CHALLENGE Four: Monobattles Team Games!

The archive video of the daily

The challenge involves team games, and none of my friends could play this weekend, so I am not doing this one yet. I am still debating whether or not do to the team game challenges in general.

Anyway, you should still check out the daily. It's the origins of the monobattle, literal Starcraft history. Pretty cool stuff. 


            CHALLENGE Five: Alphabetical Free For ALL!

The archive video of the daily

Oh man, this daily. THIS DAILY. This daily is amazing, not particularly because of how interesting the games are, but all of the dumb inside jokes that have come out of it. Both Uniden and Number J came out of this daily. The Muta Impression was pretty great too. One of the funniest dailies out there.

Anyway, the actual challenge is the Alphabetical Free for all, where the player must kill his enemies in alphabetical order and only in alphabetical order. I was so excited to jump on the ladder and play an FFA until I realised, right, there is no FFA online anymore... So I finally got around to getting friends to join me in this challenge.

Anyway, this is not too bad of a challenge, since the player could just turtle then alphamurder all the players. I had two advantages going into this challenge. 1: I am playing with my friends who are doing the challenge as well and 2: my friends aren't too great. This game was also a rather silly one with none of us really trying.

Now I would say that my name would put me at an advantage. After all the username Taranack (besides being poetic af) is pretty far down in the alphabet. For reference, the alphabet:


So I should be pretty set right? Well, of course the two friends I got to play were named Zors and Zhores (they came up with their names independently, by the way). So I am going to be the target of both players, while I can only go after Zhores. That being said, here is the

 Alphabetical FFA attempt

So,  this was an interesting and way-too-long-than-necesarry game. As I said before, my friends aren't that into SC, so I had a big advantage going in. Right off the bat, I harassed my target while holding off the push from Zors. Then I went for the kill on Zhores. I managed to take everything but his one CC, which he flew to Zors's base. Since I couldn't attack Zors without killing Zhores, I spent about 10 minutes milling around and playing the turtle game. It took me way too long to realise BCs can now teleport, so I sniped the CC then cleaned up Zors.

And that, ladies and Gentlemen, leaves me going 1-3 for the funday monday challenge! I FINALLY WON A GAME! CELEBRATIONS FOR DAYS! *woohoo*









That is all of the challenges I have done so far. It took me a long time to get some friends together to play the FFA game, but now that it's summer I'm going to be blasting through these challenges. 


Again, I openly invite anyone reading to try the challenges, FFAs are just as fun (and sometimes aggrivating) as they were when they were an actual online thing!


Goodbye for now, and good luck funday mondaying!