Questions about Screen Movement

So I know there is the day9 video about APM and movement, (and I watched through it) but I am still confused and interested in somethings concerning screen movement. Since I started playing, I always did the 'Hit the edge with your mouse' method of moving around the map. If there was a large distance to cover, I used my mini map. I knew that was somewhat wrong, so I started using the F5-F8 keys for bases. Here are some of my questions.

  • If I am moving out, for example, should i use the mini map to jump to the place I want to go? What if I am following my army around, then how do I move the map a little bit? (Hit the side, middle mouse, etc.)
  • Same question, but how do pros move around the map when there is little distance to cover? I can't really imagine Jaedong flying around at 400 APM when he is waiting by hitting the side of the screen to move the camera a bit
  • I watched Apollo's video on this, and he talked about rebinding the screen location keys to F1-F4, since It would be easier to do than F5-F8. I'm wondering if that is what you guys do, and if that is what many pros do.
  • If F1-F4 is what you guys do, then what do you bind army and not working workers to?

Thanks for answering, I want to set all my macro techniques right earlyish on so I don't have the trouble or look like an idiot later :p