Questions and analysis of why I am abysmal at TvP

Before I start this, I want to say that I am open to any terrans and their builds/thoughts, protoss and their weaknesses/ holes in the matchup, and I guess a zergs opinion... if you really want to. 

So I am a gold terran player. I know the ladder is messed up right now with diamond/masters dropping down to the lower leagues , but I feel this has always been a problem for me, TvP. Just now I lost to 6 protoss in a row. To examine what I do wrong, I'm going to go through what I, and I feel many others, do in TvP.

Early game, the match just started. To stay alive, the terran should do 1-2 rax expand. This is because of the first problem i sometimes have, oracles. If they or proxied or not, it is hard to defend. Thus, the terran is funneled into just marines. As long as you scout and catch the oracle coming, it isn't that bad. Here is a problem I usually have that many others are faced with. So I have a group of marines and the oracle ran away. Do I look around for the proxy? If I do, the oracle swoops back in. If I don't, he could make more oracles, attack the front with a stalker, and swoop in with the oracles and melt my SCVs. If I send only some marines to kill the proxy, the oracle can handle them. What should I do in that situation?

Anyway, say there was no stargate plays.It is 6-12 minutes-ish; the mid-game. The two big all ins to worry about are the 4-gate and blink stalker all in. I'm not going to ask "How do you counter the 4-gate" because that is not only broad, but difficult to answer. It seems you just have to scout and bunker up before hand in TvP. Here is where I have problems. Scan leads to seeing 4 gateways. Immediate reaction is to bunker up, siege up if the tech is ready, and look around for the proxy pylon. Here is the thing, the 4-gate and blink into the main look exactly alike. A good player, hides the archive, and sometimes it was out of the scan or the player is just going for blink stalkers in the frontal assault. When I see they have 4 gateways, how do I defend? Bunkering up the natural means a blink into the main and I have less units since I built bunkers. I don't want to not build bunkers or seige up more far away, because I would surely be dead to the 4 gate. The question I am asking is how do I hold off the blink all in, and at the same time not open up to the potential 4 gate. 

Even with my prime losses out of the way, I still lose most of my late game TvP. I might just not have my timings down, but nearly every time the colossus count is too high for my vikings, he has too many high Templar and archons. When I make ghosts the wall of zealots doesn't allow me to land EMPs of the archons/HT. I guess what I am asking here is is there a timing in which the HT/colossus count is low enough I could land critical damage? How many bases should I try to contain him on. Obviously max cap protoss 9/10 times beats max cap terran


I'm gathering up my replays and will post them in edit later. I know right now isn't much to work from, but it is a good amount. 

Anyway, those are my reasons why my TvP is an abomination :P. There isn't really enough room to change anything. You are funneled into marines for defense against oracles, funneled into bunkering up against midgame all ins, and then funneled into a loss against the max cap protoss deathball. I can't recall if there has been a recent daily on this. With the passed couple weeks being filled with sOs and Scarelett, there haven't been many terran dailies. The only terran dailies in awhile have been Taeja's TvP. I guess this is so because there haven't been a lot of outstanding TvP pro games from the terran POV for a daily to be about. 

TvP man :p