Help in current day ZvP

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After the change to the SH I feel as though Zerg has no great late game options. I hated playing the SH style even before the patch, but I struggled then too. So, what I'm asking from the community is to give me some ideas of macro builds/styles. I can fair decently with all-ins and early pressure, but I would feel a lot safer with one or two end game comps. 


I understand that fast tech switches is a great way to catch the protoss army off guard but it seems that whenever I switch into mutas the protoss either has HT/archon tech up, enough stalkers sprinkled into their army or sometimes switch into pheonixes quickly. When I play roach, hydra, viper I usually get out macro'd pretty easily and out tech'd as well. I win about 50% of my ZvP games but it is way below my ZvT and ZvZ rates, so I'd really appreciate some insight. Thanks!


EDIT: This should be in the SC2 Strategy section, sorry :)