LAN Decline

I used to see a lot of Starcraft at LANs. Since SC2 was released, the number has declined. I asked a two LAN organizers about not offering SC2 tournaments. Their response is the lack of private servers has made it more difficult to run matches since they can't broadcast the match on their streaming services or allow others to watch over the LAN, like with CSGO. A big swing to get it back would be to ask LAN organizers to start offering SC2 tournaments. Start with local events to get the momentum going. Right now on ESL, SC2 has 400 viewers compared to CSGO with 2100 and League at 1700. At Netwar and CPULAN, only two guys were playing SC2. There was no SC2 tournament. They were just playing for fun. At least 50 were playing Overwatch and CSGO and most of those guys were there for the tournament and played nothing else but OW and CSGO. Offering a SC2 tournament would attract more players.

To answer your final two questions. No, I don't play SC2 competitively, mostly because I'm not good and don't have the time to dedicate to getting good. Yes, I watch the game. Starcraft was the first PC game that I owned. It has a special place in my heart. I will continue to watch it, even if I'm the only guy, which I doubt I will ever be.