SC2 changes to promote more interesting play/ fix balance issues

So I've been hearing a LOT of complaining from all races about balance issues in WOL and HoTS. Dustin Browder's interview with teamliquid at the BWC was a really interesting recap of most of the issues I've been hearing. I've had an idea about unit balance changes and I'd like to hear your opinion of it as well as your own ideas.

I think the concept of balancing SC2 units across all possible matchups is overly complicated and unnecessary. To create three constellations of units that gives both interesting and balanced play among every matchup is an incredibly difficult(maybe impossible) task, so why try? I think Blizzard should try varying the buildable units/upgrades according to the matchup being played. For example, this recent ZvZ infestor + brood lord build is bullshit and not at all fun to watch (50 minute games, 30 of which is brood lord travel time? no thank you). Instead, just take the brood lord out of ZvZ, but keep it for the other matchups. Or give the brood lord a researchable speed upgrade but ONLY in ZvZ. It doesn't have to be that specific change, but the concept is what interests me. This way, instead of worrying how a change to fix a specific matchup's problem will affect the other matchups, just change that single matchup and be done with it. Problem solved. Plus we get new viable strategies that wouldn't have existed if everything was the same for all matchups.

So what do you guys think?