Harvey Mudd College and Other Colleges

Hey everyone! This is my first time posting on the forums, but I just had to ask about this--

I'm going to start attending Harvey Mudd during this fall, and I know that Sean also attended this school years ago (for a math degree...?).

To Sean and Sean's friends who attended HMC: How was your time there? Which dorm did you stay in/was dorm culture big when you attended HMC? Did going to this school influence your future with gaming at all?

To everyone: Does anyone else attend HMC currently or will anyone be joining me in the fall? Perhaps at other Claremont schools? I'd love to talk with anyone who knows anything about these colleges. 

Alternatively, post about any college in general! Where did/do/will you attend? What's your major?

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this post is in the right place for this topic :D