Moat Lurker Rogue

2x Backstab

2x Shadowstep

2x Journey Below

1x Bloodmage Thalnos

2x Doomsayer #Tech Card against aggro

2x Eviscerate

2x Loot Hoarder

2x Sap

2x Undercity Huckster

1x Fan of Knives

2x SI:7 Agent

2x Infested Tauren

1x Tomb Pillager

2x Azure Drake

1x Cairne Bloodhoof

2x Moat Lurker

1x Sylvanas Windrunner

1x N'zoth the Corrupter


Description: I've been playing this deck at rank 10 and have had some success. I haven't had a chance to play this month so not very high in the ranks but I think this could hover around rank 5 with some smart plays. The moat lurkers are turning out to be all-stars in the deck. Not many polymorphs around and hardly any hexes on a moat lurker will decide a game. In the case of hex try to use the battlecry on the enemy minions rsather than your own minions. Thought if you do use it on their minions and you are afraid of the moat lurker dieing you can shadowstep it back and it won't resummon the minion it killed. Additionally targeting your own sylvanas or cairne is insane value since you get the deathrattles twice per card and then 2 more times when n'zoth comes around.

Use shadowstep liberally to stabilize i.e. healing your si:7 agents and retriggering the combo. I like journey below as a card to trigger combos early.

Otherwise it is just a control deck with some fun plays using the moat lurkers and your own deathrattles. I think it can easily out value almost any deck on the ladder at the moment except maybe the doomcaller + c'thun warriors.


Weakness to aggro shaman and maybe mid-range (haven't played much of them) which is why I teched in two doomsayers.

If I had Xaril I'd run 1 of him instead of something. Possible cuts would be journey to below or infested tauren or tomb pillager. I'd probably keep the taurens since they are the only taunts in the deck to help mitigate aggro and they are really good to get back with n'zoth.