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What the hell is eXe?

eXe is a multigaming clan for EU and NA of over 500 members, with over 200 active members in our StarCraft Division. We are a passionate and dedicated group of gamers of all skill levels who enjoy spending time with each other both discussing and playing our games of choice. We form friendships and have fun in this amazing gaming community while trying to learn more about this great game and improve our skill.

So, how do we accomplish this?

In eXe Starcraft, we split our members down into Teams of 8-20 similarly skilled players who meet up twice a week to play the game in a structured practice environment, lead by experienced eXe members or "Team Staff". Team Members are of course encouraged to hang out and have fun both inside and outside those practice times and form friendships and bonds with other players.

EU practices: Tuesdays & Saturday @ 8-10pm CEST (and an additional optional practice on Thursday at the same time).

We have teams for all skill levels and approaches to the game. Want a casual team where the focus is just on having fun and letting the good times roll? We got that. Want a hardcore team working their asses off day in and day out to be the best? We got that, and everything in-between.

But wait, there´s more! We also offer:

- A 500 man dedicated TeamSpeak Server.
- Internal 1v1 and GSTL-Style Tournaments and Leagues.
- Competitive Team who are extremely active in the Clanwar Scene
- Free coaching and Replay Analysis from our masters league players
- Massive Open Tournaments pulling in well known pro players (Snute, Nerchio, Dragon, Rainbow and Byun to name but a few) with our own Admins and broadcasting.
- Opportunities to take on responsibilities, such as leading a Team.
- Other opportunities such as:
--- Streaming & Casting our weekly events
--- Admining and running our Tournaments and Leagues
--- Designing eXe Graphics on the Graphics Team
--- Joining the web team to help put the finishing touches on our website and other exciting tasks
--- Exclusive deals with on gaming hardware for those living in the UK (and the rest of EU if you're willing to pay the shipping)

So, who can sign up?

Well, we have a few requirements:

- Age 16+, as we attempt to maintain a somewhat mature environment.
- You must have a microphone and headset (does not have to be anything special, as long as it works!) so that you can take part fully in our practices and communicate with all the members.
- We are an English speaking clan, but if you can read this post, then your English is more than good enough :d
- We expect members to be active and contributing to our forums, and thus to check them regularly.

Where can I apply?

All you need to do is sign up on our website ( )!
Please make sure your username is non-spammer sounding. Right now we delete a lot of spammers manually so you don't want to get confused with one.

Contact Info:


Bnet Chat Channel: eXe

eXe EU Recruitment staff:

Hope to see you soon! GLHF!

~ eXe