I'm a phony, are you?

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This blog helped me so much when I was having confidence issues.  I'm a software developer, and I wish I had your sensing style over my intuitive style (mbti personality terms) sometimes, but we both learn best how to use these strengths in the world.  Anywho, this article by Scott Hanselman at Microsoft helped me a lot with my confidence issues.  Read the comments and you realize EVERYONE has these issues.  Day9's relentlessly positive talk is very poignant on some of the emotional issues that can crop up.  He's also mentioned on various occasions that he has had issues with emotional control in the past and still does, but always keeps in mind that emotions are fleeting and that they're just chemical (his mother told him this at one point - great insight) and that also helps me in times of great stress when someone's expecting something of me and my confidence can dwindle.