The Plotted Line

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Hey Day[9] community,

I'd like to share my blog with you. I dedicate it to Sean for having been an inspiration and literally lifesaver in my life!

My blog is called "The Plotted Line", a name with many layers: a story's Plot Line, mathematically Plotting a Line and Sean Plott's last name.

9 months ago I lost everything in my life due to health issues. I lost my girlfriend, job, car, appartment, hobbies, my ability to walk and worst of all my ability to think, all in a 3 month period. I was really depressed, up untill the point where I was unsure what I had to live for anymore. Then I found Sean's storytelling videos on YouTube. His good nature, positive look on life and stories inspired me to try and get better.

It's been an excruciating recovery so far, but I am making great progress. So much progress that I have control over my mind again and can start writing again. Three weeks ago I started my blog (after programming most of it myself the weeks before) and I try to post a new story weekly.

The blog features Comedy Stories, upcoming are Science Comedy Stories and possibly some musings in the future about my road back to health.

It would mean the world to me if you guys could have a look and leave some comments.

Kind regards,