Day Knight - w/ray gun & riot shield - ready to rock in Popup Dungeon

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Hi everyone,

My name is Enrique, and I'm one of the co-creators of Ring Runner, now working on Popup Dungeon, a roguelike digital papercraft board game with tactical RPG gameplay that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero you can imagine.

We're huge fans of Sean and have been trying to reach him via email for a while, but we know he's a really busy guy. So now we're reaching out here in hopes of bringing this to his attention. But as a disclaimer, we DO NOT have permission to officially include our rendition of DayKnight in Popup Dungeon yet. These images are just examples of what the character could look like.

Behold the DayKnight!

We've already thought of a few fun possibilities for some of DayKnight's abilities, like Story Time, which would act as a crowd control ability; The Daily, which would be an AoE Power buff; Holoray, a strong direct damage beam that's weak against chrome plate; and Chipotle, which would act as a self heal. But we would love to hear some suggestions from fellow fans!

And if we don't make him to your liking, crafting your own abilities is easy. So everyone gets to play their ideal DayKnight! ;)

Example of what an ability would look like.

If you guys would like to learn more about Popup Dungeon, just head over to our Kickstarter page. It's loaded with more details, and we could really use your support!

Thanks for checking us out!

Wizards hate tables.

- Enrique