A (weekly) gathering for Hearthstone

TIME: Sunday 10AM - 1PM EST or longer

PLACE: Managrind TeamSpeak 3. (see notes below)


so I've noticed that finding someone in game to speak with or set up a friendly game who isn't grinding the ladder or on an arena run when you aren't isn't always easy. Or the poor in game chat can seem clunky to actual speak with someone. So I'm going to start a standard gathering time.  I'm free mostly on Sundays so starting this Sunday at 10am - 1pm EST (or whenever, note this week I'll be leaving early to play in the tourney, in the future hopefully I'll stay on later for those of you out west) I will be on the managrind teamspeak (teamspeak is free and has a built in chat box for those of you who aren't comfortable with or have the technology to voice chat)  So come say hello, meet some fellow players and set up some practice games. Or at very least me :) !  Ask questions about the game or even set up for some help (coaching) if your new to the game.      

 I hope to continue this each week. If we have a fair group we can set up fun deck days, tourneys, and other things hearthstone in the following weeks.  

See ya all there.

Download for teamspeak3 -> http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

Once downloaded you'll be connecting to the following server -> managrind.com

Please include your battle-tag and # somewhere in your username.  i.e. turboswim #1404 or Random-name(turboswim #1404)