[H] Protoss new player seeking guidance

hello all!

my name is vervamon. I started playing sc2 about 3 week ago. I've made it to silver after being placed in dead last bronze.  

However when trying to improve I know a few areas that I can work on. Macro and micro. 

My main concerns that I feel like everyone can help me with are my plans. I go into a game with really no plan other than colosus for t and immortal for z. I feel like I should have set goals but tend to improvise during the game but it is too late then.

scouting. Where I really need help. I can't tell what an enemy unit is sometimes without click on them. Especially structures. As you can see I have not completed both campaigns yet .  Maybe I should so that first so I can see And learn about structures etc what my opponent might be doing. Or I could play games and try to say these games I'm focuses on scouting really well. Also I don't know what the counters are for most units. Does this mainly come with just playing lots of games? I don't mind easing a reference to help me learn. 

LI can work pretty well and not miss probes or be supply blocked etc so that is good haha. 

i have been creepin on these forums and I can say that this is a great community. I know this is the best place for me to seek advice and recommendations. Any info is appreciated and thanks for taking the time tO read. If anyone wants to play vervamon 620 is my name