Some Advice

Yeah, bots are a joke. The only purpose of playing a bot is to practice new build orders, and even then, a practice partner is a far better tool. Your goal for the first few months of playing should be to get your macro down - that DOESNT necessarily mean APM, not directly. You should be focusing on spending every bit of money you get. One particularly effective and fun way of doing this, IMO, is to practice production of simple, tier-1 units. Play ladder games where you build only pylons, probes, expansions, gateways, and zealots - your goal is not to win or lose, it is to spend money effectively. The website is a free resource to help with this: uploading your replays to them, they will analyze your macro, assigning your spending and probe production a league value. This process is an effective way to get into the game - dont get lost in trying to figure out the intricacies of when to go robo, or how fast to get upgrades yet. Just get good at doing the basic functions of the game - using hotkeys, screen hotkeys, the minimap, and your production facilities effectively. If you have any other questions, feel free to add me on Battlenet; my name is Vexon, and my number is 1157. Good luck getting into starcraft!