Getting back into SC - Winter is coming!


I've taken a pretty long break from SC (season 4 2014 platinum).  Was hoping someone could help me out in just hitting the ground running with some basic strategies that are popular in today's 1v1 with zerg. 

I'll tell you what I'm used to doing, and hopefully there are some... improved strategies that I can practice up for LotV.

zvz: standard game, getting full saturated natural and attacking with +1+1 roaches... this usually doesnt work out for me.

zvp: stephano 11minute roach play, pretty much.

zvt: 15 roach rush around the 7 minute mark I think. great against mech. this won like 90% of matchups for me, was really good, but I wouldnt be suprised if people know how to scout it now.


Any suggestions or tips are more than welcome. I want to get back into playing, but I stress the fear of just losing nonstop when I join back because im so rusty.