There is nothing that annoys me more than

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people saying "Blizzard should change GAMEPLAY and do this or that. Imbalanced races, etc etc".  I can't deal with that amount of idiocy. Are you serious right now? LoL in 2011 was already bigger than any esport or game in history (including BW at its PEAK and SC2 was at its peak in 2011), and has continued to grow. CS:GO, Dota, etc etc all have too. And you think that's because of forcefields or a-move zerg?? How can you not see what those games have in common?

SC has died because it is a 1v1 game with a high learning curve which couldnt court casual gamers in part because of Blizzard's pay-to-play and in part because 1v1 games are just less appealing to play with friends.  It is like tennis vs football or basketball - it simply isn't comparable. The top 2-3 tennis players get all the $$ and sponsorships while the rest struggle, but you can pick an MLB or NBA player at random and theyll probably bank 10 million easy.  

On the flip side, LoL is fun and social. The learning curve is super low and Riot has physically supported its players. The game is still imbalanced as fuck and players qq all the time.  The game ITSELF is the prime source of what determines popularity and appeal, not its rules. Tennis won't have baseball viewership if you say "Ok new rule, alternate serves every point". SC2 as long as it is a 1v1 game, will never be able to compete with League or DotA. Blizzard knows this too and released Heroes of the Storm.