Circle of the Lifecycle of all Games

On a basic level, the real issue is that eSports in general is here to stay but holistically that's it - literally.  eSports for the time being will not be like traditional sports as the games will continue to rotate based on various factors.  Traditional sports become mainstream simply because we play them, watch them, watch the highlights every night.  Over time it becomes tradition as there is a continuity - there are thousands of kids learning to play hockey at starting at age 3 right through to adulthood.  There is nothing of the sort for eSports.  There are 70 year olds playing ice hockey right now.  There are no 70 years old playing Starcraft nor 5 year olds.  Games like Starcraft are still largely tied to the product lifecycle starting from early adopter to maturity to product death.  Without continuous development chain, the only sustaining the love of the game is the existing fan which diminishes over time due to stage in life (ie. the players in their primes eventually get into careers; get BF/GF; married; kids etc.) and other contributing factors such as economics (Blizzard will naturally focus on other products to drive their top level growth or profit) or players just moving onto newer games due to lack of continuous development and the like.  I myself played Starcraft 2 religiously for many years but the social aspect started dying off for me as my friends either moved onto other games or just ran short of time due to kids etc.  This combined with moving onto another game and lastly, the lack of apparent improvement killed the game for me.  I have fond memories of Starcraft which I revisit from time to time but it hasn't been permanent for me.  I feel that although the achievement leagues of gold, silver etc. are helpful - Blizzard should consider locking players into a league for a season and then have a playoffs (like traditional sports) for active players (no one likes to win by default) for prizes and possible advancement to higher brackets.  THe ladders are somewhat ineffective because while you're ranked against others in the ladder, its not necessarily an indication of skills but more of perseverence.  ie you never play against these players.  I could be wrong.