Very close game, Jaedong threw away his only lead

So this game was much closer than the commentators made it seem. For instance, after Jaedong holds off the initial zealot attack, HerO is actually ahead in workers and they traded pretty evenly on zealots/zerglings, so it was incorrect for the casters to claim that JD was in the lead. In the first immortal/sentry attack (which is not an "all-in"; HerO has full saturation on both bases and JD is not teching or upgrading), HerO had great positioning and amazing immortal micro, but eventually JD held him off. NOW Jaedong has the lead, and could have waited, gotten his hydra upgrades, and then crushed toss with a large roach/hydra army. Instead, he committed close to 40 supply of roaches (not his whole army) to attacking HerO's front, losing all of them for not much more than one immortal and two gateways. That's the big mistake, in my opinion at least; after it, their supplies were pretty even. Now, HerO has a huge immortal count and JD has to build roaches as well, since he doesn't have time to afford hydra upgrades. In the last sequence of fights, HerO once again had great positioning and micro, saving his immortals countless times, while JD was indecisive and had micro slipups (for instance, missing transfuses). This was a really really close game that was not decided early on, as Apollo and Ret seemed to think without really analyzing the situations of each player. For an example of a Zerg holding a similar attack off, watch Day9's daily on DRG vs Sora; it's even on the same map. DRG builds (and fights with) a lot more queens, for one thing.