E Sports could be as fun as regular sports

Ok to understand why E sports are declining, one must understand why regular sports, like baseball, football, or soccer do so well. There is a reason that baseball has been around for a long time and it's not because we all love watching grown men (and women) hitting a ball with a stick and then running around in a circle. Professional teams have geographic areas that they market to (market being the key word there). For example, if you are born in Wisconsin, then you are going to be a Packers fan. Sure it may be fun to follow a specific person, but that fades if you don't get new fans coming in as old fans get bored. Having a Starcraft team like the LA Reapers, the NY Tankers, or the Seoul Stalkers, means that if they are from LA, NY, or Seoul they are more likely to support them because they, by extension, support their home city. Even if they don't like SC, they like their home city. Since that team is representing them, they want them to win even if they don't know what they're winning. Also, that sort of system creates a certain culture. They have their own motto, mascot, flag, etc. People can get behind the culture more than they can a single person. Think Tiger Woods, as soon as he stopped playing well, the popularity of golf declined, it's not even a debate. Ratings declined, sales declind, hell, even Nike stopped making golf clubs. It declined because too many people were following one person and when that person stopped being the greatest in the world, they stopped following golf. It was bad for the game in general and that is why SC 2 is declining, because there's no team to root for, there's no "there's always next season." Once your favorite player stops being the greatest player, you stop watching, the end. People watch baseball because they love baseball, the game, not because they love Sammy Sosa or whoever the best player happens to be that year. The rules of basball haven't changed much in the last 100 years yet it's still immensely popular and relevant in the national discourse, so then why do they (Blizzard) have to make a new update to SC every year to keep it relevant? I hate to say it because I love e-sports, but it's a wanna-be. It's not about the cash prizes, it's about the fan base. First you get a fan base, then the money comes. In order to make a fanbase you need to market to them properly in a geopraphic way. How about a commercial advertising a match between the LA Reapers and NY Tankers? I'd watch that. What gamer wouldn't watch that? But, when is the last time you saw a commercial for anything E sports on TV? Never. How do they expect to grow their market when they never advertise to a broad base of people? And the only advertising that does exist is mostly just to maintain their base audience instead of getting more people in to the fold.  Blizzard, please hire me to do everything I just said.