with the heavy

i come from a broken home as well, games have always been a constant for me.in fact my second purchase with my very first check was a ps2 and red faction. I will always remember hiding a gameboy pocket in my room waiting till everybody was asleep and playing pokemon red until 3am (gotta catch em all!). They have helped me get through some depressions and some friends have been made along the way. Are the reasons or reason you have given in you monologue  still valid? You have a much more so stable life were you do not need a haven or release. You got there through these things and should be apart of a building experience, to get you into your future self. Games should not Need to be in your life you have a jobs and woh mans, see if you can be just as happy with those things that will constantly change and be a challenge for you like living out in the world. Your never to old or to smart dumb to do anything. the only time you fail is if you do not.