C'thun mill

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Well that's what i call it, I'm not really following the scene that much, but Day[9] does make this game very fun to watch. So here's my contribution. (If this has been done already, feel free to ignore it.) 2x Backstab, 2x Preparation, 2x Shadowstep, 2x Pit snake, 2x Acidic Swamp Ooze, 2x Gang Up, 2x Patient assassin, 2x Sap, 2x Beneath the ground, 1x Brann Bronzebeard, 2x Coldlight oracle, 2x Assassinate, 2x Shadowcaster, 2x Vanish, 2x Blade of C'Thun, 1x C'Thun. So The idea is to win in 2-3 ways. 1st; Milldeath 2nd; Huge C'Thun (I got it to 75+ once) 3rd; Damage The idea is to get the interaction between the blades, Brann and Shadowcasters to give you infinite Blades. The Blades will 1shot everything and add to your C'Thun. The poison minions are there for intimidation. To prevent large plays and to have the opponent spend its board clears. The Coldlight Oracles and Beneath the ground have a pretty nice interaction to get a bunch of 4/4s. And Brann will just hasten the process.