Mill Deck

I was watching Decktacular #53 and Sean talked about doing a Mill deck. I have been playing a mill deck for the last few seasons and I thought I would post it here for everyone's consideration.

 It is a druid deck (of course)

Naturalize x2


Sunfury Protector x2

Unstable Ghoul x2

Youthful Brewmaster x2

Coldlight Oracle x2

Dancing Swords x2

Deathlord x2

Grove Tender x2

Poison Seeds

Swipe x2

Ancient Brewmaster x2

Defender of Argus

Keeper of the Grove x2

Starfall x2

Sludge Belcher x2

Tree of Life

if anyone would be interested I can go through a card by card reasoning as to why it is in the deck.

This deck relies SOLELY on running your opponent out of cards, I used to have a version of this deck that had a much higher win rate, but it won some games just by rushing people down.