Day9 daily on addiction.


Gaming addiction ruined my life!

Lately there have been several threads on teamliquid of people who are losing the ability to function.  I was hoping that you could do a daily about how to take a break.  Some suggestions of things to do instead of computers.  How to step away from the computer.  How to turn the computer off.  How to turn a stream off.  How to call a friend etc. How to make fun of popular tv shows such as glee.  good places to go for a walk, taking a deep breath and standing up.  how to limit your  self to 5 games a week and only 4 out of 5 day9 daily episodes. 

Yes this post sounds silly, but its like the same stuff they teach PTSD people.  Even though it actually hasn't happened to me, I was hoping that you could help those people.  

Thank you,