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The Day[9] Daily is an internet television show streamed live from Los Angeles over Twitch.TV Monday through Thursday at 7pm PST. The host of the show, Day[9], offers his personal reflections on competitive StarCraft strategy and the eSports scene.

In addition to tournament coverage, tutorials and game analysis, the Daily is popular among fans for its special Funday Mondays (StarCraft with lol worthy handicaps), Newbie Tuesdays (StarCraft for frustrated beginners) as well as for its host’s whimsical observations about the gaming lifestyle and geek subculture.

Says PC World: “If you’re looking for a StarCraft II coach, Sean “Day[9]” Plott is about as close as you can get; in his Day[9] Daily online series, he systematically dissects and explains StarCraft II replays with the patience and detail of your favorite college professor.”

Says Machinima: “Since the release of StarCraft II, several guides have been thrown around telling new players what to do and how, but none address the issues with such breadth of knowledge as Sean “Day[9]” Plott in his “Back to the Basics” video. His other videos are great instructional tools as well if you’re ever eager to learn.”

Says PCGamer: “Day[9] is PCGamer Magazine’s 2010 Gamer of the Year”

Says Gamasutra: “Day[9] talks about getting the “basics” down in Starcraft 2…a great little series of checks, and wonderful advice….”

Says Swedish National Television: “he goes in depth and analyzes the game…he knows a lot but he is also very funny and charming and is something of a symbol for gamer geeks in the most positive way.”

To read what others are saying, check out Day[9]‘s press page.

The Daily also goes on the road as Day[9] travels around the world to host special StarCraft tournaments and take you behind the scenes to experience the exciting world of professional eSports. Watch for these special appearances on the Day[9] calendar.

Past episodes of the Daily are archived on day9tv.blip.tv well as on YouTube. You can also find special video playlists by topic, or download the show.

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