About Day[9]TV:

Day[9]TV is a popular internet television portal with one of the most passionate audiences on the web. Its flagship show, the Day[9]Daily, offers a whimsical mix of game strategy, analysis, humor and life instruction for both the serious and recreational StarCraft gamer. The show is viewed more than 5 million times a month.

Says PCWorld: “If you’re looking for a StarCraft II coach, Sean “Day[9]” Plott is about as close as you can get; in his Day[9] Daily online series, he systematically dissects and explains StarCraft II replays with the patience and detail of your favorite college professor.”

Day[9] also travels the world as a popular shoutcaster and emcee for major competitive gaming tournaments, including DreamHack, Blizzcon, Major League Gaming, CeBit, Intel Extreme Masters, and others. In May of 2011, he launched The After Hours Gaming League, an extramural StarCraft 2 competition between software engineers at top tech companies, including Amazon, Facebook, DropBox, Zynga, Microsoft, Twitter and Google.

Day[9] is a passionate advocate of gaming, eSports, and gamer culture.

You can learn more about StarCraft, the wildly popular game published by Blizzard Entertainment (think “chess on steroids”) here and the rise of gaming as a spectator sport (“eSport”) here. You can learn more about Day[9] by watching his autobiography here.

Day[9] has been interviewed by The Economist, NPR's "All Things Considered," PCGamer Magazine, Ars Technica, Business Insider and others (see below).

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