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  • Keyboard and mouse

    what is a great gaming keyboard and mouse that does not cost an arm and a leg?
  • Hot keys and inject

    How does day nine inject. Example does he hotkey all qweens to one number then use mini map.. . Ect? Also does day nine use grid, standard, or thecrore?
  • Hot key / inject

    I am a new gamer trying to get better and would really like some info on hotkey layout.. I have been using grid but am willing to change. Also what is the best way to most efficient way to inject ...
  • Hotkeys part 2 in reply to Hotkeys by 14Gills

    Along with the hot key question, what is the most efficient way to inject the larvae ? Day9 prahaps a quick daily on the subject. Thanks!
  • Hotkeys

    I am a up and coming gamer working on being better .. I really wanted some help from day9 on what layou of hot keys would be best for a Zerg player? I curently us grid layout and was wanting ...
  • Live feed help

    Why cant I watch the day nine live feeds on my iPad? It reroute me to a page that has no feed.
  • Day 9er

    What happened to the second and or third video of Thorazine and targa? Please up load for all of us day nineites...Thanks
  • Super noobie noob

    I have begun more arming Zerg and wanted to know some super basic things such as drones per gas and per hatch mining? Like the site jeep up the noobie tues. it's a big help!! Ps when does the H ...