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  • Officially Official Day9 Spotify Playlist

    He did it, Reddit! Day9 has created a Spotify playlist. Behold! https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/29sPeB7x0rMbvqQKptzYXA dayJoy dayJoy dayJoy
  • Okay, buddy. in reply to Sean / Day9 / whatever u call urself... by michaelccook

    The SC2 love will never die. He tweeted this yesterday.
  • LOL in reply to DayWut emote concept by I_took_a_mint

  • Dolphin Dive Arm and Ab Exercise in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    I saw this on Twitter today and had to share immediately. This is a must-try for me. Full article: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Dolphin-Dive-Arm-Ab-Exercise-1043552
  • Singing "You Don't Own Me" to Sugar in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    This isn't necessarily cutting sugar out completely but reducing its intake has benefits. This PopSugar Fitness article has some helpful info: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/How-Break-Sugar-Addiction-42251527
  • Woo hoo! in reply to Let's see if this saves by tragicsupergirl

    Heck yeah! It's a thirty day challenge but we can definitely group up on weekends. I've installed Rabb.it at Lecta's suggestion so whichever works.
  • Gotcha! in reply to Use Rabb.it Instead! by Lecta

    I've installed Rabb.it. Thanks! We're also both on the east coast which makes scheduling easier. What time is good for you?
  • Who wants to do some yoga with me? in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    A couple awesome ladyKnights introduced me to the Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge. I didn't get around to it with them but had a potentially excellent or terrible idea. Let's do the challenge together via Skype! We can settle ...
  • Walking or dancing? in reply to Festivals are good for excercise by tragicsupergirl

    That's so great, Marianne! Although I hope some of those steps were from dancing too, eh? :D
  • Day[9] Slow Jams Playlists

    Heya DayKnights! Here are links to the unofficial Day[9] Slow Jams playlists of break music (we can find). YouTube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFaIDr5eHtMn-U-YuMWwoDAunYf9E9lmz
  • Thank you! in reply to *Playlist I have noticed that many of Day9's followers are Introverts by Justinian187

    This is great, Daniel!
  • Awesome! in reply to I have zero sense of rhythm but love to dance. by tragicsupergirl

    I have no coordination but my sister loves to dance so I'll share this with her. Thanks, Marianne! <3
  • Woo hoo! in reply to Heart and motivation by Lydirawr

    Firstly thank God you're okay! Secondly, I saw a photo of myself and didn't recognise me. Clearly the exercise I was doing at the time wasn't right and change was needed. That's when I took up running and blogging about ...
  • Way to go, Marianne! in reply to 6 months of tracking food by tragicsupergirl

    That's great overall progress, Marianne! Plateau is a tough nut to crack. Do your steps include stairs? A friend of mine changed from running half-marathons to building races where they run up a skyscraper's stairs. It's kind of extreme but ...
  • Fluffy babies? Heck yeah! in reply to *hugs* by tragicsupergirl

    Aww, thanks Marianne! I'm always happy to receive fluffy babies in picture form. <3
  • So it's like this... in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Hello, my lovelies! It’s been a while and the thread temporarily vanished from the front page but fear not – the #GymLadyKnights are still going strong although I haven’t been lately. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and other ...
  • Yeah! in reply to 5/26/16 by Trumpetmcool

  • Savewatch in reply to Best place to buy overwatch? by FearWarrior

    AFAIK the game is to cost USD$40 and the pre-order is USD $60.
  • DayKnights Discord - Overwatch in reply to Overwatch? by Frag-ile

    Hey Frag-ile, there are text channels in the Discord server for #looking-for-group and #overwatch. You can look for players there, too.
  • Way to go, Marianne! in reply to good evening by tragicsupergirl

    I'm so proud of your dedication and perseverance. You're an example to us all! dayHeart Lunges (especiallly the walking kind) are good to tone upper legs, side bends holding weights for the waist and this video for arms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9r8vDDDtsM